Hardware maintenance and repair

All our services are setup to minimize your downtime and to guarantee the best lifetime for your equipment. Regular maintenance will improve the reliability of your equipment.

Acoustical Laboratory Thailand is equipped to perform maintenance and repair services in our laboratory as well as on-site.

Handheld instruments

Handheld instruments such as sound level meters, calibrators, microphones, dosemeters, accelerometers etc. can be sent to our laboratory directly for maintenance, calibration, or repair.

All repairs come with a 3-month warranty. If necessary, we will re-calibrate your instrument after repair.

Our main repair experience is with Norsonic instruments where we can supply original replacement parts, but we accept all brands for repairs. We dealt with almost all available brands, also Asian brands.

Larger systems

Larger systems such as used in laboratory or for vibration testing will need on-site maintenance.

Please contact us for the various plans.

Maintenance plan

If you strongly rely on the availability and readiness of your instruments, we offer maintenance plans and service agreements.

These plans have the following benefits:

  • Less downtime, any possible issues will be detected in time.
  • Only genuine replacement parts to ensure that all standards are being met.
  • Fixed expenditure for maintenance and service.
  • Increased lifetime, the better your instruments are serviced and maintained, the longer you will be able to rely on them.
  • Training for operators of the equipment.

Contact us if you require any more info about ALT repair services or maintenance plans.

Repair & Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to process the repair as fast as possible (typically within a few days), if we need any special spareparts that are not in stock it could take longer but we will inform you in advance.

We have a fixed fee for checking an instrument, this will always be charged, after this we will make an estimation of the repair/replacement costs before proceeding.

All our repairs are certified and have a 3 months warranty.