Pass-by noise testing system

Pass-by noise testing system

A fully ISO362-1998 ( ISO 362-1:20071) compliant system to measure pass-by noise from vehicles.

The most used system for pass-by noise is outdoors that are both used for R&D as well as certification. Pass-by noise testing includes acceleration, constant speed and static tests for passenger cars, trucks etc.

In the cabin of the vehicle a GPS speed sensor, accelerator position sensor and tachometer are being used.

On each side of the track 2 microphones are used to measure the sound pressure level as described in the ISO362 standard, further frequency analysing can be used for R&D development

As per ISO362 the speed from the vehicle needs to be accurately logged as well as the weather conditions.

Infrared sensors and reflectors are used to trigger measurements.

The pass-by noise system can also be used for AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems).

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