Ultrasonic Measuring System for Precise Measurement of Setting Processes (i.e. concrete) by Ultratest GmbH

High-precision 4- or 8-channel ultrasonic measuring system – for precise measurement of setting processes, strength development and changes in the consistence.Our ultrasonic measurement system is suitable for organic and inorganic building products, binders and adhesives as well as the food industry within the fields of development, production, research and teaching.

Applications for ultrasonic testing

  • All materials with a setting process (e.g. cement, mortar, gypsum, concrete)
  • Heat insulation and render systems
  • Construction chemicals, additives
  • Gypsum products and adhesives
  • Refractories, castables
  • Hardened building materials and refractories
  • Adhesives systems and plastic materials
  • Solid tyres and solid rubber products
  • Wood and wood products
  • Geological samples and rock
  • Food industry

Main Features of ultrasonic testing

  • High-precision measuring system (resolution 0.05 μs)
  • typically 4 or 8 independently controllable channels
  • Intuitive software for control and evaluation
  • Simple and easy to use in everyday laboratory work
  • Suitable for industrial applications, R&D and QC
  • Optional PLC control and integration in production lines

Advantages of Ultrasonic Measurements vs traditional methods

  • Precise display of the setting process
  • Immediately visible results at different formulations
  • Exact reproducibility of measurement results
  • Identification of deviations at an early stage
  • Strength development from initial mix to 28-day strength in a single measurement
  • Easy handling and operation makes it perfect for laboratory use
  • Easy demoulding and refi lling of the measuring moulds
  • Ideally suited for quality assurance and production
  • Up to 30% reductions in development time and cost
  • Software available in various languages