How to measure ISO354 ASTMC432

Sound absorption testing (Reverberation room method)

Test the sound absorption value of any material.
In the test, the sound absorption of a material will be determined.
The value is measured and calculated by how much noise ‘hits’ the material and then measure how much ‘reflects’. The difference will be the percentage that the material absorbs noise.
Sound absorbing materials are used in rooms to create a sound acoustic design by use of adding acoustic panels, acoustic ceilings, (acoustic) carpets, (acoustic) curtains etc.
Most materials used in automotive and aircraft / space industry have sound absorbing properties.
Sound absorbing materials (also fireproof) are used to optimize the acoustic performance of meeting rooms, recording studios. music venues or in general use buildings.
Manufacturers specialized in sound absorption materials need to test the performance of their acoustic materials in an independent acoustic laboratory such as ALT.

With objective test results, acoustic engineers will use this data to optimize the optimum acoustic climate of any room.

Test standards for sound absorption

ISO354 : Acoustics — Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room

ASTM C423 Standard Test Method for Sound Absorption and Sound Absorption Coefficients

Example of the test result as shown in the picture ISO354