Airflow Resistance Measurement System

Airflow Resistance Measurement System Nor1517A

The Nor1517A system measures the airflow resistance in porous materials according to ISO 9053/DIN EN 29053 (DIN52213).


  • Quality control in production process.
  • Testing in research and development.


  • Fast and accurate measurement and readout of measurement results.
  • Accepts test material of various form and size.
  • Easy setup and use.
  • Large dynamic range of measurement.
  • Measures at 2 Hz.
  • Standards: ISO 9053/DIN EN 29053 (replaces DIN 52213).
  • Measurement range: 10 Pa s/m to 30 000 Pa s/m, up to 200 000 Pa s/m when correcting for non-linearities..
  • Airflow resistance: 0,5 cm/s and 0,05 cm/s.
  • The piston can be set for 2 different stroke lengths: 28 mm and 2,8 mm.
  • Max. diameter of test pieces: 100 mm.

Accessories included

  • Calibration disc
  • Sample holder 1517A/03
  • Sound leve meter Nor140 with microphone,sealing device and 1/3 octave filters


Norsonic may deliver mounting devices for test materials.

Measurments box 64x44x77 cm.

Weight = 32 kg.