ISO17025 Accredited Acoustic Calibration Services

Acoustic and Vibration instruments and Sensors calibration services

Our ten-star guaranteed assurance for acoustic- and vibration instruments and sensors calibration services, will make sure that your equipment receives the best care possible and because we know you care – therefore we care.

Your One-Stop Solution for instrument calibration.
Our experienced and professional team performs calibrations for various instruments while keeping updated with changing ISO17025 and other standards.

Fast services – we do know your time is valuable..
We will do our services as fast as humanly possible, to ready your equipment within 14 working days. Provided you still require the instrument, we have a highly competitive rental service, therefore your activities can go as normally would.

FREE check up – no hidden fees!
We will examine your instrument, provide you with a quote and if no prior approval given – we’ll return the instrument back to you completely free of charge!

Pre-calibration check – we will strive for the instrument to pass if at all possible.
We will strive to not fail your instrument; we will discuss the solutions with you first.

Simple errors repairs – price included
Obviously, anything more than a simple errors and we’ll discuss with you and provide best price possible.

Backup battery scan and essential replacement
We will scan the battery of certain instruments that uses them and provide replacement if necessary.

Instrument Spa – including the case if provided
We do get some instrument that is beyond cleaning – we’ll discuss it with you.

Instrument firmware and software updates (if there are).
Occasionally we do get instrument updates even if it’s not our own instrument. If possible, we’ll include it in the calibration.

Accurate & detailed oriented services –you don’t want a cable to let you down
We will include cover all down to accessories inspection in order to ensure they’re set for use.

Repair service for more major liabilities to the best extend possible for your instrument
We will quote you separately for any errors that can’t be simply restored. Beyond those conditions, we’ll offer you a part-exchange.

We would like to provide you best stress-free services as possible, therefore please trust your kit to us and we will make sure it is given the best care possible. We perform various instrument calibrations for professional clients across the world. Call us today on (+66) 02-1253027 for a free calibration quote.