About Acoustic Laboratory Thailand (ALT)

Independent Acoustic Laboratory for acoustic calibration and material testing.

About ALT

We will take care of all your acoustic and vibration calibration

Acoustic Laboratory Thailand Co., Ltd. (ALT) is a fully independent acoustical laboratory based in Bangkok, Thailand.

We provide various calibration services for sound registration instruments and accessories such as microphones and calibrators as well as calibration services for accelerometers (onsite and in our laboratory).

All our experienced calibration engineers keep updated with changing ISO17025 and other standards.

In our acoustic laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand,  we also perform material testing, either with an impedance tube or in our anechoic or reverberation rooms.

Acoustic Laboratory Thailand cooperated with the accredited Norsonic Calibration Laboratory in Norway and set up the ‘Norsonic Calibration Laboratory Asia’ in 2014 in cooperation with Geonoise Thailand.

As there is an increased need for independent acoustic calibration as well as acoustic material testing a new company has been founded, Acoustic Laboratory Thailand which is complying with ISO17025.

You can send any brand of microphones, sound calibrators, sound measuring instruments, DAQ’s and accelerometers to us for calibration whenever needed. 

Calibration contracts are available to ensure calibration on regular basis.

Acoustic material testing can be performed with our impedance tube (Kundt’s tube) or in the decoupled reverberation rooms. STC values up to 90 dB can be accurately measured. (transmission loss)

In the reverberation rooms, we can also perform sound absorption measurements complying with ISO354.

Sound power measurements can be performed in our acoustic rooms.

Acoustic Laboratory Thailand (ALT) can perform almost any acoustic and vibration research. Any methodologies, certifications, accreditations, licenses can be applied su ch as ASTM, ISO, ANSI, SAE, JIS etc.

Contact us for details on prices and delivery times. We recommend that you contact us before sending equipment to us to keep the time you’re without your equipment at a minimum. 

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