Acoustic Laboratory Thailand (ALT)

Acoustic Laboratory Thailand cooperated with the accredited Norsonic Calibration Laboratory in Norway and set up the ‘Norsonic Calibration Laboratory Asia’ in 2014 in cooperation with Geonoise Thailand.

As there is an increased need for independent acoustic calibration as well as acoustic material testing a new company has been founded, Acoustic Laboratory Thailand which is complying with ISO17025.

You can send any brand of microphones, sound calibrators, sound measuring instruments, and accelerometers to us for calibration whenever needed. 

Calibration contracts to ensure calibration on regular basis are also available.

Material testing is done with the impedance tube (Kundt’s tube).

If you need a verifiable STC values we will measure it in our 2 decoupled reverberation rooms. Sound power measurements will be performed in the anechoic room.

In the reverberation rooms, we can also perform sound absorption measurements complying with ISO354.

Contact us for details on prices and delivery times. We recommend that you contact us before sending equipment to us to keep the time you’re without your equipment at a minimum. 

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About ALT

Noise (unwanted sound) is one of the elements that create your environment as a whole. The acoustic environment affects people greatly, but its effect is often underestimated, especially here in Asia. We believe that the best way to create a healthy acoustic environment is by prudently planning projects through an acoustical perspective.

We want to be a part of a team who truly care about people’s wellbeing by doing what we do best – acoustical consultation. To do so, we are equipped with the ability to do calculations and measurements, as well as valuable experiences that we gain over the years.

Years of Experience in calibration


Calibration certificates


Our Experience

We have 6 years of experience with ISO17025 calibrations for microphones, calibrators, dosemeters, pistonphone, accelerometers, IIPE power supply, etc.

Our calibration engineers are all qualified to perform calibrations and know all about uncertainties. We try to keep the turnaround time as short as possible for your convenience.


Vibration Calibration

We are using SPEKTRA calibration equipment for calibration of accelerometers in our laboratory or with our mobile unit at your site.


Acoustic Material Testing

In our laboratory, we also have an anechoic room as well as a reverberation room. A vast range of ISO measurements for transmission loss, directivity, sound absorption can be measured. We also have a PLACID Instruments Impedance tube for material testing.


Acoustic Calibration

We calibrate all brands of microphones, calibrators, pistonphones, IIEPE power supply, sound analyzers, dosemeters etc.

Featured Services

Apart from calibration and material testing we also can repair sound level meters or related equipment.

Acoustic Calibration

We're using the proven Nor1504A calibation system from Norsonic in Norway. Always with the latest updated software.

Material Testing in Thailand

In our acoustic laboratory, we perform many tests for our customers. Airflow measurements, sound absorption of materials, sound transmission loss of materials, sound absorption in reverberation room or impedance tube and many more with ISO and ASTM standards.

Vibration Calibration

SPEKTRA Calibration systems for noise and vibration. SPEKTRA is specialized in designing and manufacturing systems for: Calibration solutions, Device testing, Structural testing and Mobile vibration calibrator

Acoustic Calibration

Independent, fast and reliable calibration for your noise and vibration registration equipment and accessoiries.


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